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This country has gone insane. You are no longer allowed to have an opinion unless you agree with the republicans. If you do have an opinion, you are labeled anti-american or a traitor. These are the same people that spent 8 years bashing Clinton (and still do). But don't dare question Bush's agenda. Most of what is going on now was planned long before 9/11 and is completely unrelated. This administration has used 9/11 to scare americans into blind faith. The brave ones are those that speak out against it despite the ramifications.

I was driving thru Hope, Arkansas last year. We stopped at a gas station for food. They were selling magnets that poked fun at Clinton being from their town. I found them humorous even though I personally have a great deal of respect for the man. Could you imagine someone from Crawford, TX doing the same thing except about Bush. The Dixie chicks made a comment in the same light about Bush and you would think they attempted to kill him.

Check out the Project for the New American Century. Look who's names are on the Statement of Principals.

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