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Current Occupation: Governor of Vermont (1991-2002)
Past Experience: Lt. Governor (Vermont) (1986-1991)
Asst. Minority Leader, State House of Representatives (Vermont) (1982-1986)
State Representative (Vermont) (1982-1986)
Volunteer, Jimmy Carter Re-Election Campaign (1980)
Chair of Democratic Governors' Association Recruitment Committee

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Health Care · Was a doctor before becoming Lt. Governor (then Governor) of Vermont
· Wants to provide health care coverage to all children under age 23
· Wants the government to cover drugs and acute medical care to senior citizens
· Pharmaceutical benefits to senior citizens would cost a little over 1/4 of Bush's tax cut
· Wants to use the present employer-based system, combined with tax credits and federal subsidies, to cover low- and moderate-income Americans
Education · Promotes defederalization of schooling matters
· Opposes the President's bill, which institutes federally-mandated standardized tests and Consitutional school prayer and requires high schols to submit the names and addresses of all seniors to colleges and to the military
· Supports government incentives for a new generation of teachers
· Encourages parental involvement in schooling
· Opposes proposals that "abandon the public schools," such as private school vouchers
Foreign Policy · Encourages America to "embrace nation building, not run from it"
· Currently opposes war with Iraq, noting that the current administration has not made a sufficient case for it
· Encourages attention toward North Korea before they become a nuclear power
· Believes that the best defense policy incorporates long-range vision
· Wants to reduce dependence on foreign oil by conserving energy and encouraging alternative energy sources
· Wants free trade to be guided by shared ground rules
Budget · Says tax cuts hurt most Americans and damaged the economy
· Would repeal the tax cuts (except in some estate and retirement areas) in order to undo the current deficit
Equal Rights · Rejected Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Bill as a "step backwards for... welfare reform"
· Created Civil Unions, which recognize gay and lesbian long-term commitments and allow these couples to have the same rights as married couples, such as hospital visitation and tax benefits; France, Germany, and Canada later adopted Civil Unions
· Noted at a NH Democratic Party dinner that people are apt to hire those similar to themselves; thus, affirmative action is necessary