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Dick Gephardt

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Current Occupation: U.S. Representative (Missouri) since 1976
Past Experience: House Democratic Leader (1994-2002)
House Majority Leader (1989-1994)
Democratic Presidential Candidate (1988)
Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus (1984-1989)

Get Personal

Education · Works to make classes smaller by hiring more teachers
· Has secured money for reading technology
· Support federally-subsidized school bonds that fund renovation and repairs in existing schools as well as the building of new schools
· Partnered with Missouri schools and private companies to expand Internet access into local classrooms
Health Care · Supported the Patients' Bill of Rights Act, which allows the patient to make decisions with your doctor and holds HMOs liable for medical malpractice
· Calls for a Medicare reform that would pay 80 perfect of prescription drug costs (up to $2000 annually) and would cover all costs over $2000
Economy · Sponsored the Business, Investors and Employees Bill of Rights, which will protect investors and employee pensions
· Has vowed to fight against privatization of Social Security
· Proposes using 100 percent of Social Security surplus to extend the lfie of Social Security