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Current Occupation: U.S. Senator (North Carolina) since 1999
Past Experience: Candidate for Al Gore's VP Spot in 2000

Get Personal

Homeland Security · Strongly supports the creation of a new homeland intelligence agency without arrest powers; rather, it would focus solely on intelligence and alert the proper parties
· Sponsored Biological and Chemical Weapons Preparedness Act, Airport and Seaport Terrorism Prevention Act, Cyberterrorism Preparedness Act, and Cybersecurity Research and Education Act
· Supports the disarmament of Iraq, in order to hinder the spread of weapons to terrorist groups and to threatening countries
· Encourages a new relationship with Saudi Arabia that doesn't ignore the region's tolerance of terrorists
· Believes America should address the North Korea conflict in a decisive manner
· Says the tax cut money could be used toward domestic defense
· Disapproves of plans that regulate freedom, such as total information awareness and the ability of the government to arrest any American deemed threatening
· Wants to increase prevention of terrorism on a local level; "The colors that will make American safer are firefighter red, EMT white, and police officer blue."
Education · Cosponsor of Public Schools Excellence Act
· Strongly supported by National Education Association (100% rating) and Children's Defense Fund (100% rating)
· Opposes private school vouchers
· Wants to reduce class sizes, support teachers, and fund special education
Health · Cosponsored, with Sen. John McCain, the Bipartisan Patient Protection Act
· Urged reforms for Medicare and increased funding to financially suffering hospitals
· Cosponsored the Fragile X Research Breakthrough Act, to aid research on the cause of inherited mental retardation
Consumer Privacy · Cosponsored Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2000
· Has fought to keep bank records, telephone records, and online information private